3T Tipper Trucks at your service

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3T Tipper Trucks at your service


In any construction project it can sometimes get problematic, so it’s important to know which machine works out for you. Tipper Trucks have a range of functions in a construction project. They also provide great solutions to for your site needs.

A tipper has a heavy duty chassis fitted with an open top body. It is commonly used for carrying aggregated, crushed rock, soil and other bulk materials to and from construction sites. It can ease the projects being done within the site because it carries off the load of the excavated dirt.

The Specs of the 3T Tipper Truck

  1. Width: 2040mm excluding its mirrors
  2. Height: 2270 mm
  3. Tray Size: 3050mmL x 2080 W
  4. Load Capacity: Varies on individual vehicles

You can  hire this vehicle by clicking here.

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Even the Smallest Machine Require Extra Safety

Always wear appropriate protective gear including closed toe work boots. If you are working on angles and aren’t sure of the machine capabilities, please ask your friendly Diggermate staff member to help you with it. Our operators are on call and ready to lend a hand anytime.

During pick up/delivery, we provide instructions to the clients and in just 5 minutes, you could get the machine working and start your projects in no time.

If you’re interested to dry hire a micro excavator for landscaping, retaining walls, digging for pool, and more, book online now.

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