5 Tips in Operating a Mini Excavator (with Video Tutorials)

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5 Tips in Operating a Mini Excavator (with Video Tutorials)



No matter what your earthworks project is gaining the skills to be a confident excavator driver will save you bucket loads of time and money.

It’s an art worth your learning and like riding a bike is a skill that you will carry through life. In this guide we have laid out the essentials through to some advanced techniques.

Learn the Controls of a Mini Excavator

Get comfortable with the controls of a mini excavator and discover how to safely remove it from the trailer and get it free of obstacles so you can start to practice.

Getting the Bucket on the Boom

Changing the buckets is a regular occurrence while operating an excavator. With the Mini Excavator, it’s a manual exercise. Here is how.

Climbing a Slope or Mound

Learning how to climb a mound is the ultimate way to ensure you keep the mini excavator up right. These machines can tip over, but this video teaches you how to prevent it from doing that.

Climbing Down a Slope

This could be the most daunting task you attempt on a mini excavator. There are some simple steps in this video to give you confidence in the operation of bringing a machine down a slope.

How to Widen the Tracks

Doing this is very useful if you are trenching or just for extra stability of the machine. Having the tracks narrow however is just as useful for getting access through tight areas around the home.

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