Being a Woman in Diggermate

Group of women working in the earthmoving industry Diggermate

Being a Woman in Diggermate


In celebration of Women’s Month, we’re thrilled to highlight the empowering experiences of women at Diggermate. Being a woman at Diggermate is more than just a job—it’s a journey filled with empowerment, equality, and boundless opportunities. Let’s hear the inspiring stories of some remarkable women who are shaping the landscape of Diggermate and paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Dalai, the Franchise Manager of Diggermate

Diggermate Franchise Manager

“I was always part of Diggermate because I wanted to be here. I’ve never felt left out because I’m a woman. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work like anyone else. I love being a part of Diggermate!”

Dalai has been with Diggermate for nearly 7 years, and it feels like home to her. She’s never felt left out because of her gender but has always been accepted as a valuable member of the team. Her dedication and passion are contagious, as she’s always ready to roll up her sleeves and tackle any task. Dalai’s story reflects the inclusive culture at Diggermate, where everyone is welcomed and appreciated for their commitment.

Bec, Franchise Owner of Diggermate Gatton & Stanthorpe

Bec Williams Franchise Owner of Diggermate Gatton and Stanthorpe

For Bec, being a woman in Diggermate is empowering and exciting. She feels treated as an equal, part of an awesome team, and gets to set her own hours. Bec doesn’t hold back – she drives trucks, diggers, and rollers fearlessly. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she motivates other women to embrace their potential.

“What it’s like to be a woman in Diggermate? Empowering.”

Bec ,Lisa, and Jay as panelists for the diggermate conference. women in panel
Diggermate Franchise Owners Bec, Lisa, and Jay as panelists during the Diggermate Conference 2023.

Diggermate encourages women to excel, supports their family priorities, and provides a platform for their success.

Lisa, Franchise Owner of Diggermate Townsville

Woman with a machine

Lisa proves that “Diggermate isn’t just for the men; it’s for women too.”

She successfully runs her franchise from home, managing customer service, maintenance, and general fixes. Lisa’s day starts with handling handovers, then juggling school lunches and drop-offs. By 9:00 am, she has completed her daily business tasks.

Mother with her children with mini excavator in the background

Diggermate understands the importance of flexibility and work-life balance, enabling Lisa and other women to flourish in their careers while fulfilling personal responsibilities.

Being a woman in Diggermate means embracing empowerment, equality, and remarkable opportunities. Through the stories of Dalai, Bec, and Lisa, we see the camaraderie, flexibility, and support that defines the Diggermate experience.

Woman on mini excavator

Women are breaking barriers, excelling in their roles, and reshaping the narrative in male-dominated industries. Diggermate stands as a proud advocate for gender equality, welcoming women to join an extraordinary team, where their contributions are celebrated and their potential knows no bounds.

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