Mini Excavator Hire Franchise: No Experience? No Worries

diggermate franchisee of gympie delivering mini excavator

Mini Excavator Hire Franchise: No Experience? No Worries

No Excavato Hire Experience? No Worries. You still can own a Diggermate Location

Zero Experience with Excavator Hire? That's Alright, Our Franchisees Started The Same Too

I’d say that 100% of our franchisees so far did not have enough experience with excavators to run their business before they started. Some had driven them once or twice and some had mechanical experience but others had absolutely zero experience.

Our No Worries Attitude Influences Everything We Do.

If you fit in the category of zero experience in the excavator hire industry or if you have a husband or partner who is keen on getting a Diggermate business started at your location but you are worried about giving them a hand, fret not, that is what our team is here to help you with.  Diggermate’s No Worries Mate attitude doesn’t only reach our customers, it also influences the way we go about getting our new franchises up to speed and we are always here to help.

You may have seen some of the customer-facing videos on our website. Well, behind the scenes, we have business operations videos, checklists and flow charts for everything and if there is something missing. No Worries Mate, give me a few minutes and I’ll make a video of it and show you exactly how to do it.  I’m a systems advocate and know that if you just follow the system, anyone can do this. That’s why several of our locations at present are successfully run by a husband and wife team with the wife handling the majority of the business. Our system really doesn’t require you to have any excavator hire experience at all. We support you on how the business operates through our well-established business systems.

I Have Made A System ... So You Don’t Make The Same Mistakes.

I personally never had any excavator hire experience before I bought one and set out on the path to start a business. In the process of getting me to where I am today, I made a huge amount of mistakes and because of these mistakes I have been able to make a system with all the details you need so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

I use the analogy here that the naturally talented sportsman often is not as good of a coach as the ones that lacked the talent. Because those without the talent had to really focus to get it right, they made more mistakes and had to tune themselves in with more attention to detail than those with the natural talent. Well, that story rings true with me and my mechanical knowledge of excavators.

Zero Experience? No Probs

So rest assured if you are like I was with zero experience and might be worried about asking silly questions, then don’t worry I’ve asked the same questions. The major difference here though is that I have documented my experience over time so you will have all my experience from my mistakes to call on so that you also don’t make the same costly mistakes again.

Is your Diggermate Territory Available?

In the video below, we show you one of the success stories in the Diggermate Family. Dalai of Sunshine Coast was already a business owner prior to Diggermate. She did not have any mini excavator experience prior to her handling the Diggermate Sunshine Coast. With her coffee shop business, she realised that it had too much overhead so she looked for better businesses that would offer more sustainability. Hear her story and how she was able to build one of the best-peforming Diggermate location!

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