Diggermate Exceeds 20 Franchisees

diggermate celebrating twenty franchise location

Diggermate Exceeds 20 Franchisees


When I started franchising Diggermate, I was told we wouldn’t be considered a legitimate franchise until the brand had exceeded 20 franchisees; this month, I am really proud to say that we have achieved that goal. With our new locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Perth opening in February this year, we have now reached 24 franchisees in over 50 active territories operating nation-wide.

I am extremely proud of both our team and franchisees who have remained focused and positive about Diggermate, as we have grown through our infancy and matured as a business. There’s been some setbacks along the way, and like any business, frustrations come when things don’t fall into place as expected. But through resilience and our ‘no worries mate’ attitude, we have overcome the speed humps in our path and continue to grow steadily over the years.

diggermate celebrating twenty franchise location

As the group grows, I learn more about building a robust platform, being data rich, and how to be patient (which doesn’t come naturally)—the building blocks of a solid foundation to get cemented in place. As I look forward to another year of growth, I repeat to myself what I said last year, and the year before that, and the year before that: “We are still at ground zero. This will be our biggest year yet, and we are yet to really excel our growth, but I feel we are just about ready to do so.

Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of Diggermate over the years and joined in the success.

-Mick Watkins 
Franchisor, Diggermate

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Mick Watkins

Diggermate was born out of founder Mick Watkins’ hunt for a business that would survive and flourish all year round, despite the changing seasons. From two (2) excavators operating out of his driveway, Diggermate has now grown to a national franchise network with multiple established sites across Australia. The Diggermate family is rapidly expanding with focus on providing sites in exclusive locations, where excavation work and hire is found to be more prominent.

“The key to Diggermate’s success? To just do what we do, and do it well.” -Mick Watkins, on what keeps Diggermate functioning (‘no worries’ attitude)

About Diggermate

Diggermate is your one-stop-shop for excavation equipment hire, providing sensational service and knowledge to all their projects. To become mates with Diggermate, the ideal candidate is motivated to build the business, and show a sense of commitment to the Diggermate brand.

Diggermate has gained a fantastic reputation for their “can-do” attitude and approach to projects, ensuring customers that no matter the job, Diggermate can help you out! Our efficiency and expertise is what makes us stand apart from other businesses—we’re here to do a job, and do it well!

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