Diggermate Expands Services to Include Skip Bins for Households and Small Businesses

Skip Bin Services by Diggermate

Diggermate Expands Services to Include Skip Bins for Households and Small Businesses

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Offering DIYers and small trade businesses a versatile solution for waste management, Diggermate introduces a new range of skip bins.

Catering to the growing demand for efficient waste management solutions, Diggermate’s new product is primarily designed for DIY enthusiasts and smaller trade businesses.

“We understand the importance of efficient waste management for our customers, particularly for those tackling DIY projects and smaller businesses operating in the trades sector,” says Mick Watkins, Diggermate Franchisor. 

“Our new skip bins range is designed to meet these needs, offering convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions.”

The newly introduced service includes two types:

Trailer Skip Bins: Ideal for general household clean-ups, these are convenient and user-friendly. Whether you’re spring cleaning, decluttering, or managing waste from a home renovation, Diggermate’s trailer skip bins make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Mini Skips: Specifically designed for building waste resulting from backyard projects or small commercial jobs, these mini skips are perfect for landscapers, plumbers, and other small trade businesses. They’re designed to handle a variety of materials, from garden waste to construction debris.

Diggermate’s commitment to providing high-quality equipment extends to its skip bin service. Each skip bin is built to last, ensuring reliability and safety for all users.

As a company that’s consistently attentive to its customers’ needs, Diggermate is confident that this new service will significantly benefit its target market.

“We’re excited to offer our customers an efficient way to manage waste, whether from a household clean-out or a small commercial project. Our skip bins are an excellent addition to our existing range of services,” says Watkins.

To learn more about Diggermate’s new skip bin services, visit their website at www.diggermate.com/machine-hire/skip-bin/

About Diggermate

Diggermate is a trusted provider of mini excavator hire services, with multiple locations across Australia and New Zealand. Known for its high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service, Diggermate is committed to offering practical solutions for DIY enthusiasts and small businesses. The addition of skip bins to their service range further demonstrates this commitment.

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