Diggermate New Zealand: Crossing the Ditch, officially!

Diggermate New Zealand

Diggermate New Zealand: Crossing the Ditch, officially!

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Diggermate New Zealand

In case you missed it, we officially welcomed our first Diggermate in Bream Bay, Northland, NZ last August of 2022! Owned and operated by local George Hammon and team, this location is our first foray into our global expansion plans in the coming years. 

Shortly after launching, we sat down with the Bream Bay team to talk about their journey so far and what it’s like to become Diggermate’s first franchisee in New Zealand. Watch the short video below:

Why NZ?

Having close ties to Australia both legally and culturally was some of the key factors that prodded Diggermate to launch in the country. “A lot of the banking and legal systems are very similar to Australia so this made it a lot easier for us to be able to resolve problems as we prepare to launch the franchise.”, shares Len Ferguson, Diggermate’s franchise director.

The right prospect also happened to show up at the front door, being the husband of our lawyer in New Zealand. George has a fantastic background in business development so we knew we found the right person to kickstart our expansion in the country. 

Diggermate New Zealand

Sky’s the Limit

Growth plans are clear, following the success of the Diggermate franchise model in Australia. Len does not hesitate when he says, “if we can achieve five franchisees over the next 12 months in New Zealand, we will be very happy with the performance of our growth over there. And after that, the sky’s the limit.”


If the success of Diggermate in Australia is any indication of how the New Zealand business will go, then no worries mate, the proven systems & tools are expected to travel well into its new market, given the similarities in both countries. 

Interested in owning a Diggermate franchise in New Zealand?

Read up on what Diggermate has to offer and check out how to franchise a Mini Excavator Hire with Diggermate here. Don’t forget to connect with us on our socials

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