Diggermate North Lakes Achieves a WHOPPING 200 5-STAR Google reviews!

Diggermate North Lakes 200 5-STAR Google reviews

Diggermate North Lakes Achieves a WHOPPING 200 5-STAR Google reviews!


Find out the secrets to success and what it means for Diggermate North Lakes.

Diggermate prides itself on its marketing platform; it uses the three pillars: global, digital, and local area marketing. If you want your business to thrive in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it’s a must to have all these areas covered.

Here at Diggermate, we have a digital marketing team dedicated to helping franchisees get the most out of their lead generation efforts on all digital platforms. Local area marketing is the work on the ground; getting to know your customers, creating strategic alliances with trades, and wearing out the shoe leather to get to know your local community. However, there is one tool that crosses over in both local area and digital marketing, and that’s Google My Business—the platform where you can collect Google Reviews.

Getting a Google review in the digital era is like someone stopping you in the street and recommending your product or service. It’s known as the #1 social proof. Diggermate sets up the Google My Business account for its franchisees, continually optimises it, keeps it current with the latest releases, and provides several strategies to receive reviews. However, all this effort can go wasted if it’s not supported by the franchise owner in that territory.

This is something that Diggermate North Lakes franchise owner Wade Seymour grasped early on his Diggermate journey. He adopted a simple strategy: focus on providing his customers with exceptional service, and simply requesting feedback through Google reviews (preferably, a 5-star review!) as social proof.

A little over 2 years into his Diggermate business, Wade has achieved what many digital marketing experts claim as the holy grail of social proof: 200 reviews on Google. Not only that, but he also has 100% support from customers, with every single review having a 5-star ranking!

While only time can tell the positive effects on this for Wade and his Diggermate North Lakes business, the group stats already show a huge impact. The North Lakes location is receiving 50% of the entire franchise group’s search views on the GMB platform. In fact, it gets almost 4x more views vs. its next closest business on total search rankings, which is Diggermate Sunshine Coast (it’s an astonishing 9,000 views vs. 2,500 views).

This effort by Wade, coupled with the consistent support of Diggermate’s digital marketing team, makes the North Lakes arm of Diggermate a force to be reckoned with in the mini excavator hire and tight access earthmoving business

Come join the fun at helping Wade achieve another 200 reviews! Follow this link and let’s see if we can get him to 400 reviews: leave a review.

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