Diggermates Tell-All: Mark Edmondson

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Diggermates Tell-All: Mark Edmondson



In this video, Diggermate Toowoomba North franchise owner Mark Edmondson tells all: how they found Diggermate, their initial concerns, the journey so far, who he would recommend Diggermate to — and more!

Diggermate North Toowoomba Mark Edmondson

What were your initial concerns about Diggermate?

My concerns were that I would not have enough time to do it and I didn’t how to use machines, which is pretty confronting. Obviously, I’m with the family, the in law’s Norm and Kirsten, and what we decided to go through was a second income. Starting next year, we want to become full time with Diggermate [for] hiring. [It’s] the extra income which we’re gonna turn into a full-time income.

What specific benefits have you received?

Obviously, an extra income. Having a couple of machines to do what I want with, to hire out. Also, I’m a bricklayer by trade, so I can now, into one, have the machines with bricklaying. Marketing—everything we need to start with. Everything from clothing, to hats, to marketing, as I just spoke about. Everything you want in a start-up business. I’ve got a lot of mates with franchises and that was an initial concern, but straight away, we hit the ground running. We actually made a lot of money from the first month. So that’s different to other franchises that I’ve actually had mates involved with.

Who would you recommend Diggermate to?

I recommend Diggermate to anyone that’s looking for a second income. Diggermate can be anyone from 18 years of age all the way up to 70 years of age, to retirement age. It literally is a business for everyone, as long as you put your hundred percent. If you’re keen on something, that’s a 10/10, you get in the business. That’s basically it.

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