Diggermate’s Micro Excavator Hire: A small but mighty machine

Diggermate’s Micro Excavator Hire: A small but mighty machine

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Why the Diggermate Micro Excavator machine is proof that the best things come in small packages

Micro excavator hire is a popular choice in Australia for excavation projects as they are particularly useful in tight spaces of areas with limited access. They are small but mighty pieces of heavy machinery used in a wide range of construction and landscaping projects. 

When it comes to micro excavator hire in Australia, there are a few things you must consider. First and foremost, it’s important to choose a reputable and reliable company that has a stellar record of providing high quality equipment and excellent customer service. Find a company that has a micro excavator with a variety of attachments and accessories to suit your specific needs – like the Diggermate Mini Excavator Hire

The Diggermate Mini Excavator Hire offers high quality machines at a good price and these are delivered to you right when you need it. You can even get a Diggermate to help with their Wet Hire services where experienced operators get the job done once and it is ensured to get done right. 

When it comes to hiring a micro excavator in Australia, it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of the hire agreement. Make sure you understand the length of the hire period, any applicable fees or charges, and any maintenance or repair obligations. 

Choosing the right equipment: The Diggermate Micro Excavator Hire

In terms of choosing the right micro excavator for your project, there are a few key factors to think about. You must consider the size and scope of your project. The type of terrain you will be working on must also be considered. That is why it is important to choose a model especially designed for the conditions you will be working on. An excellent option you may want to look at if you are in a super tight space is the Diggermate Micro Excavator.

Diggermate’s Micro Excavator comes with 2 buckets and a ripper. Measuring at approximately 780mm wide with the roll bar down, it can fit through a regular doorway. But despite its small exterior, its phenomenal digging power must not be ignored. The Diggermate Micro Excavator is the ultimate tight access weapon if you have a tiny space or a small job and you want to be delicate on the ground. 

Most Diggermate Micro Excavators come with an aluminum trailer with brakes and weighs 1.9T. It is imperative that you check your vehicle rating to ensure your towing capacity exceeds the towing capacity of 2t with brakes. A brake control inside your vehicle is not required. The trailer comes with a 7 pin flat plug. If you are unsure please contact your local Diggermate Business to confirm if the towing capacity and requirements that you have are compliant. If you cannot tow it, no worries mate, Diggermate can deliver it for you.

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