Diggermates Tell-All: Dan Fleming

Dan Fleming

Diggermates Tell-All: Dan Fleming


Hear from Dan, Diggermate Noosa Franchisee

In this video, franchise owner Dan Fleming tells all: how he found Diggermate, his initial concerns, his journey so far, who they would recommend Diggermate to — and more!

How did you find out about Diggermate?

I found Diggermate through Garry up in Gympie. Used the product of the Diggermate concept up there, really enjoyed it, and quizzed him a bit about it and decided to ask more about the franchising and how it works.

What were your initial concerns about Diggermate?

My initial concerns were the startup running of the business, which was [already] all in place. I really loved the paperless system.

What specific benefits have you received?

Flexibility of the working hours — I really like that. Send the machines out in the morning, and see them when they come back. It’s really awesome.

Who would you recommend Diggermate to?

I’d recommend the Diggermate business to certainly a tradie. Perfect side business to whatever they’ve got going at the moment, and there’s options to grow it further if they want.

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