Diggermates Tell-All: Neil and Bec Williams

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Diggermates Tell-All: Neil and Bec Williams


Hear from Neil and Bec, Diggermate Gatton franchisee

In this video, franchise owners Neil and Bec tell-all: how they found Diggermate, their initial concerns, the journey so far, who they would recommend Diggermate to — and more!

What were your initial concerns about Diggermate?

Neil (N): Some of our initial concerns are what the franchise is about. What the actual value for money was when we chose to take on Diggermate. Reading through literature and product projections lead us to go down the path of Diggermate a lot further.

Bec (B): I would not have jumped if it wasn’t for him. I’m a worrywart so I was worried about many things. The initial outlay I was concerned, “are we really gonna make it back?”. The second one is, “are people really gonna call?” The other one is just having kids! I’m just thinking if diggers are gonna come into my house and my kids are gonna be like, run over. 

Just all the logistics, and school drop-offs, and how we were supposed to do this as well when we’re already busy. And Neil was like,  “We gotta be in it to win it. Just do it.” So I sucked it up and I don’t regret it!

N: The best part about it too is the franchise area that we’re assigned. Unlike a lot of other franchises out there, you are specifically given an area that you were marketing just purely for you. Not as a group, and then sharing it with everybody else in the franchise.

What specific benefits have you received?

B: Dalai! (referring to Diggermate franchise manager). I love the training, support and accessibility. I’m not a tech-savvy person, but after seeing the instructional videos…

And because we came on during the covid period, we got all of our training online. I got used to this knowledge base system and if I had a question, instead of bugging someone else, I was able to just look up if someone else had already asked it; it was so easy. I’m a really visual person, it was so cool cause everything’s in video and you know, it says, “click here” and it will even drag the mouse to show you how to click. Easy!

N: Support, and dealing with the customers too. Obviously being a mechanic in the back end, I never really had to deal with a lot of customers upfront, so the support to deal with customers and get the gear out the door. And helping customers with their problems. The support from the franchise has been great.

Who would you recommend Diggermate to?

N: I recommend it to anybody who wants to have a go. It’s an easy way to better yourself. We started off with some very achievable goals, and we are now making those goals within a month. We set them for 12 months, but in a short period of time, we’ve been able to grow our business to almost support ourselves and looking forward to the longer-term where we can take it on full-time eventually.

B: I reckon any mums. Cause I was scared; I’m a stay-at-home mum, and always trying to find part-time work where I can get it in school hours, and this is perfect because you know, drop-offs and pickups are before school and after school, and the kids are just around and customers love the kids and the kids love helping you with everything! So I reckon if you’re out there, and you’re a mum, give it a go.

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