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Inviting All Diggermate Franchisees!

Dinner with Diggermate 2023

What is it about?

Dinner with Diggermate 2023 is our mid-year event where the franchisor team will travel to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth to visit Diggermate franchisees and announce important new launches, projects and initiatives over dinner and drinks. It also offers an opportunity for the franchisor team to showcase exciting projects that they are working on behind the scenes and to just have a night where franchisees can catch up and have a good time with fellow franchisees.

The Diggermate franchise group has always strived to foster a sense of community and inspire a “have-a-go” culture, that is why it hosts this annual event to encourage franchisees to collaborate and motivate one another and to show that a strong support system is being provided by the franchisor team.

Who should attend?

All Diggermate franchisees are welcome to attend.

When is it happening and where?

Here are the dates and locations of the Dinner with Diggermate. Drinks will start at 5:30 pm and dinner is at 7:00 pm.

dinner with diggermate online event

May 17

Wednesday, 7 PM QLD time

Online Event via Zoom. Details to follow.

We are offering a $200 voucher for travel reimbursement for franchisees who travel long distances to our event!


  • Franchisees must need to travel more than 3 hours by car or plane to get to their closest Dinner with Diggermate event. Fuel or flight expenses apply. Receipts must be provided for credit towards your event attendance.
  • $200 voucher per franchisee (not location), valid for one Dinner with Diggermate event in 2023 only.
  • A $200 voucher will be credited to the following month’s disbursements upon receipt of the travel invoice to the event.
  • The travel reimbursement amount will be the total travel receipt value or $200 whichever is the least. If you provide travel expense receipts less than $200 you will be entitled to a reimbursement to the value of the receipts only.


  1. Send your ticket invoice to support@diggermate.com.au.
  2. Wait for us to reimburse you $200 for your trip.

*T’s and C’s apply.
*Franchisees must source their own travel arrangements and bookings.

See you there, mates!

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