Dinner with Diggermate 2 | May 2023

Dinner with Diggermate May 2023

Dinner with Diggermate 2 | May 2023

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Fostering a strong support system, building a solid community, and pushing the envelope for growth with the birth of new ideas and innovations. 

That’s what Diggermate showcased during the Dinner with Diggermate event held last May 9-11 where the Franchisor Team travelled to three different states across Australia to meet and connect with the Diggermate franchisees.

As always excitement filled the air as Diggermate Founder Mick Watkins celebrated the team’s wins, showed the franchise network what the Franchisor Team is constantly doing in the background to support them and announced new projects lined up for an eventful year ahead. 

Of course, it was also a fun-filled night of catching up, meeting new people, and forming connections over dinner and drinks! 

With over 75 locations across Australia and a global expansion in the works, it’s no surprise that new initiatives and support systems will always make their way to Diggermate. 

Celebrating wins and moving forward, full-steam ahead

The Dinner with Diggermate events also gave the Franchisor Team the chance to report to the franchisees the completion and progress of the projects launched last year, to show how a hard-working franchise network and a progressive-thinking franchisor team can build a great synergy for business growth. 

  • Knowledge Base Restructure
  • OH&S Documentation Improvement Roll Out
  • Capability Statement
  • Business Accelerator Coaching Program with Bean Chase
  • Wet Hire Operations on Civil Sites Education with Jake Gibbs
  • Marketing Focus and New Management
  • Fleet Sales Development
  • Equipment Point of Difference Marketing Roll Out
  • New Customer Training Videos
  • Skip Bin Business Launch
  • Corporate Relationships Development

It was also an exciting revelation of new surprises for the year ahead,  but we will keep them in the Mick hair brain ideas bucket for now.  🙂  

It’s safe to say that this year’s Dinner with Diggermate event was a certified success! We’d like to thank all franchisees who attended. We had an awesome night! 

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