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Our experienced operators will work quickly, efficiently and neatly to get your job done on time and above expectation. A good operator is the difference between your project being managed on time or blowing out. Diggermate will get in, get it done and get out allowing your project to run smoothly from the outset.


Landscapes can range from ultra-modern minimalists to classic English cottage gardens. At Diggermate we can set the foundation to bring your landscape dreams alive. If you have a dream we can make it happen just point and shoot and it will manifest before your very eyes. In addition to gardens, we can move mountains on your property to level out space and provide the perfect gradients to allow you to complete your landscaping projects just the way you want it.

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Whether you have a quick trench to repair some storm water drains, a deep dig to repair a sewage line or a sophisticated set of plans for plumbing and electrical on a new build Diggermate is here to help. Each year we help hundreds of homeowners connect power to their back shed or fix broken pipes underground. We are also the preferred operators of numerous trades to get the job done on short notice.

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Pool Digs

Building a pool and looking to save a few extra bucks by managing the project yourself? Diggermate has you covered. We have helped homeowners all across Australia get the preparation done for a new pool in time for the all important summer seasons and on budget. We are tight access specialist, there isn’t a pool we haven’t been able to dig yet.

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Concrete Slab Preparation

Want a nice new car park down the side of the house for the boat? Installing a new shed? Ready to finally lay down the driveway properly. Our machines and operators are the perfect size to get all types of household areas prepared for concreting.

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Rock Retaining Walls

Rock Retaining Walls look great in all locations. They are the most sturdy type of retaining wall and great for a new block or the basis of your new landscaping project. Rock Walls can be built out to give you that valuable extra bit of space you are needing to make your space work just they way you want. Diggermate provides all types of Rock Retaining Walls to suit your taste and budget.

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Site Clean Up

Got your house built and ready to move in? Diggermate provides quick, hassel free site clean ups to get the mess out the way so you can get in the door of your new home. Our site clean ups will leave your property tidy and ready for landscaping. Don’t put yourself through the pain for loading the skip bin when we can get it done for you in half the time.

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Pet Burials

Diggermate can assist in providing a private pet burial service offering you the opportunity to lay your beloved pet to rest in your own backyard. Losing your best friend is a tough and emotional time. We are loving pet owners too and we understand that laying your friend to rest in your backyard is worth considering.

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Other Jobs

Got something out of the ordinary? No probs just give as a call and we can help you out. No matter how big, small or strange your request is our team has probably already been there and done. We are here to help so phone or txt me Mate!