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We supply machines you can use in tight spaces! No ticket or experience is required. Hire a Mini Excavator Now! Book online or text me mate! (or phone if you’d prefer)



Excavators are best used for projects that require digging. In addition, these machines can also handle various lifting and carrying tasks across various applications such as landscaping, trenching, pool digs, slab preparation, site clean up, rock retaining walls, and other jobs.

skid steer loaders

Skid Steer Loaders

Skids steers are most effective when you need to move bulk materials around. Our skid steer machines come in a range of configurations—from wheels to tracked machines—and sizes that will accommodate getting your job done efficiently around your home or on a tight access commercial site.

mini loaders

Mini Loaders

The mini loader is the perfect machine for moving bulk materials around the site. Its major advantage over any other type of skid steer is the ease of getting on and off the machines; so if you’re working on your own or have a small team and need to move materials around your site, consider the mini loader.

compactions equipment

Compactions Equipment

A reliable compactions equipment is critical to the success of most construction projects since it focuses on providing a solid foundation. Check out our selection of compactions equipment here.



Browse our selection of high quality attachments for all types of machines.

tipper trucks and trailers

Tipper Trucks & Trailers

The Diggermate Tipper Truck hire fleet allows you to hire trucks to move bulk materials too and from your work site with a car license. Most locations offer Tipper Trucks that have a total capacity of 3t which means all you need is a regular car license. Need something bigger? No problem, in selected locations we have larger Tipper Trucks if you are a more experienced operator with the correct licene. Search for your local diggermate to determine what Trucks they have available for you.



Rather get us to do the job for you. No Worries Mate. Diggermate has a range of experienced excavator operators who can do the job for you, quickly and efficiently with no fuss. So if you have a bigger job that you don’t think you can handle as us about our excavator operators and the services we can provide. Each location offers different services so please look up your local Diggermate operator and have a chat with them about your requirements.