Take note of these 3 things before considering a roller hire

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Take note of these 3 things before considering a roller hire

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Rollers play an essential role in any construction job. A roller allows you to compact materials like soil, sand and clean fill. It’s one of the most popular machines used to evenly smooth surfaces for not only road works but also for agricultural jobs. It is important to differentiate it from a flat plate compactor, which is a wheel-less, walk-behind equipment that is often used on smaller construction projects. Roller hire is also a popular choice in Australia as this comes with an experienced operator to do the job for you.

So if you’re thinking about making the move towards a roller hire, you should consider these three things before you take the next step. 

Important Roller Hire Tips

1. Consider the size of your site

The perfect compactor varies from what kind of job site it will be used for. The first and one of the most important factors to consider is the size and scope of your job site. A project site with a wide space will mean you can bring in and use a larger unit that does more work in less time, while a smaller job site would mean that you would have to use a roller that is made for more tight jobs. 

2. Figure out your soil type

You must first know of the two main types of compactable soil: cohesive and granular. Cohesive soil has tiny slits and clays that are stuck together, while granular soil could be anything from fine sand to medium gravel. It is important to know what kind of soil is in your job site so you would have a better grasp on how to compact it was different rollers work better on different soil variations and conditions. 

3. Choose the perfect kind of roller

There is a very wide list of compaction rollers in the market that all have different ways of packing soil. The type of compactor you will use for your job will depend on your job site’s soil type, density and depth. You should also be aware of the three main kinds of compaction roller so you would be able to decide accurately based on the factors and features they have. 

  • Impact – Rollers that use rectangular, triangular, or pentagonal pads to compact soil with force resulting in deep compaction
  • Static – Roller that uses its weight to pack the soil
  • Vibratory – Rollers that uses vibrations to shake soil clumps apart and drive friction to allow soil particles to fall close together. Roller hire is available in major excavation machinery hire companies such as Diggermate Gatton. To book dry hire or wet hire services from Diggermate Gatton, click here.

At Diggermate we offer a roller that has both static and vibratory compaction options, which is great because one roller will do almost everything you need. Of course, if you are looking for compaction for a much smaller job we also offer compaction plates too. To find your nearest Diggermate location search Diggermate on Google in your local area or use the search tool on our website.

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