The Vision of Success: Our Population Success Model

Diggermate Vision of Success

The Vision of Success: Our Population Success Model

No Excavato Hire Experience? No Worries. You still can own a Diggermate Location

The Vision of Success

Over the years of monitoring Diggermate in several locations, it has become apparent that Diggermate can be a very successful business model for all different sorts of locations. For you to achieve success, however, it’s important to recognise what the potential financial reward is in your territory and to ensure that marries up with what your “Visions of Success” looks like.

Your Vision of Success could be to own the whole block full of excavators of all sizes and rival the biggest equipment hire operators in Australia. However, on the flip side it may only be to operate two machines out of your driveway so you can quit your second job and have the cashflow to take the kids on a nice summer holiday. Or maybe even pay a bit extra off your mortgage. When it comes to achieving your goals, Diggermate has the ability at both ends of the spectrum. 

The 2 factors that impact whether or not you can fulfil your Vision of Success are:

  1. How much time you can dedicate to this
  2. Can your territory support your vision

1. How Much Time You Can Dedicate To This

When it comes to how much time you have to spend on this, we touched on this in a previous piece “Will This Work For Me”. Diggermate will return to your pocket as much as you put in, but its important to understand Diggermate is not a business that you must dedicate a huge amount of hours too. It works perfectly fine as a side hustle and you can achieve success in this business with just an hour or two a day if thats all your choose to dedicate to it.

Make As Much As You Like

When Diggermate was started, we ran with the motto, “Do Less, Make More”. Although that has changed dramatically at the top end on how we approach the deliverables to our franchisees, we really hope the majority of Diggermate business owners around Australia can still vouch for this motto in their lives. 

Just like anything you get out as much as you put in, and if you have forty hours a week to spend on Diggermate that’s great, then its possible that you will be able to own block filled with machinery. However, if you want to spend just an hour or two each day on it then that’s totally fine also. It’s relative to how much you want to get out of this business.

2. What Is The Capacity Of Your Territory

The second factor and the one I believe will have the biggest impact is the population of your territory. The population within, say, a forty-kilometre radius will be a major player in the financial sustainability of Diggermate in your territory.

Through trial and error, we now recognise that a population base from 50,000 – 150,000 in this radius will comfortably support the two machine-model operating from your home location quite comfortably. 

On the other hand, a territory with over 150,000 will work for three to ten or more machines. This doesn’t necessarily mean you must commit to this number of machines it just means that its realistic to belive you could drive your business to this size if you wanted too. 

A Territory Can Be Built To Suit You

For example, if you are in a highly populated area and want to run just two machines as a side hustle, we can build a territory that is appropriate for this number of machines.

In addition to this, the Diggermate Business Management System allows you to share inventory between locations. So if you are operating two machines and are booked out you can always book a machine from another nearby location and share the revenue.

Start the Decision Making Process

An easy way to start the process here is to have a chat with your partner or spouse and discuss if you think Diggermate might work for you. These are the decisions that you must consider before proceeding:

  1. How it might look at your location considering where you are operating from?
  2. How many machines you might hold?
  3. What income do you desire from the business?

With the answers to the three questions above, then you can just start to do Google searches in your area for population of your suburb. Use the skeleton numbers I have provided you here as a guide to determine if your vision of success might work for you in your area. Then if there is a match, no doubt we will be talking to you real soon.

Is your Diggermate Territory Available?

In the video below, we show you one of the success stories in the Diggermate Family. Dalai of Sunshine Coast was already a business owner prior to Diggermate. She did not have any mini excavator experience prior to her handling the Diggermate Sunshine Coast. With her coffee shop business, she realised that it had too much overhead so she looked for better businesses that would offer more sustainability. Hear her story and how she was able to build one of the best-peforming Diggermate location!

Become A Diggermate Franchisee.

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