Using tight-access excavators: Are they really safe?

Using tight-access excavators: Are they really safe?

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One of the things most commonly asked at Diggermate is: Since operating tight-access excavators don’t require a license or experience, is it truly safe? Is it really for DIYers like myself? 

In this article, we explain why it is safe to use tight-access earthmoving equipment and how Diggermate makes it safe

Is it truly safe? What are the risks? 

Tight-access excavators | Diggermate

To put it quite simply, if you are sensible and follow the instructions provided by the Diggermate staff and on our channels, then yes, operating an excavator is safe, but you need to have your head screwed on and not do anything silly. In addition to the instructions we provide you, Diggermate also uses the most advanced equipment available which comes with some huge benefits not only in safety but in efficiency.  

Advancements in technology have made it safer and easier to operate tight-access excavators now more than ever. Hydraulics in machines have been vastly improved in recent years, which makes the job even more efficient as the operator now has tighter control of the equipment. Micromanagement of the boom is now possible even for beginners with our excavators having variable flow pumps that allow for more precise control of the hydraulic system.

Although a licence is not required to operate tight-access earthmoving equipment, its operators should still receive proper training on how to safely operate the machines. Diggermate provides a comprehensive How-To Video Library that addresses the basic components of the machines and how to safely and efficiently operate them. 

Some of the basic instructions for safety are: 

  • Keep the boom close to the ground when tracking (driving) around your site.
  • Always go straight up and straight down mounds and avoid going in a diagonal direction.
  • Use your dozer blade to level out and stabilize the excavator while digging.
  • Always wear the correct clothing (Personal Protective Equipment) and use your seatbelt.
  • Never operate machinery under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Always ensure you have a clear area to work in and maintain 360-degree visibility around you while on the machine.

The plethora of instructional videos from Diggermate also offers to troubleshoot the most common problems that may cause hiccups in operating the machine and finishing the project at hand. The DIY training that Diggermate offers also educates operators on safety guidelines and equipment-specific procedures so they have a solid foundation to operate the machines in a safe and efficient manner. Many of our machines display video instructionals via QR codes on the machines.

Although technology and instructional videos have been provided, it is still also the operator’s own responsibility to be aware and alert, and to consciously make an effort to avoid accidents and injuries by being careful and vigilant when operating the machines. If the operator fails to follow the safety instructions, there is a chance of serious injury or death. You may tip the excavator over and be caught underneath it, you may swing the boom and hit someone or you could squash body parts under the boom. These machines can be very dangerous if you are not vigilant about your safety and sensibility. But they are not to be scared of, just be cautious and they can be very easy and safe to operate, not to mention how much fun and rewarding it can be when you get your own project done.

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