Utilisation of the Mini Excavator

diggermate mini excavator for hire

Utilisation of the Mini Excavator


Get to know the Mini Excavator Hire

This machine comes with an aluminium trailer with brakes and weights 2t. You will need to check your vehicle rating to ensure you towing capacity exceeds the towing capacity of 2t with brakes. A brake control inside your vehicle is not required. The trailer comes with a 7 pin flat plug.

The Specs of the Mini Excavator is what makes it perfect.

Mini excavators are lighter and smaller, meaning they offer reduced track marks and top ground damage. The compact nature of mini excavators compared to larger machines makes them much easier to work with on crowded sites.

  1. Min width: 980mm
  2. Min Height: 2.4m
  3. Max Digging Depth: 2.3m
    Comes with: 300mm & 450mm digging bucket, 1100mm mud bucket and ripper

You can book this machine right now online at www.diggermate.com.au

Micro Excavator vs. Mini Excavator — Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to earthworks, the bigger the machine the better. Quite often though, you are limited to the size of the machine you can use due to access. You should always measure the tightest space you are working in or needing to go past to get to your working area.

For example, if you need to get through a gate and then down the side of the house where an air conditioning unit sits, you will need to decide the narrowest spot and measure this to ensure the machine will fit through. You will also need to consider height. Not only if you are going through a carport or garage but also if you are working under eaves of a house. Once you have these dimensions, you can review the dimensions of the machines and choose which is the biggest you can use.

You can expect a mini excavator to have a longer life than a larger one simply because the work it does is less intense. Mini excavators have typical bucket sizes of between 12 and 24 inches. You can also add some attachments to mini excavators, improving their versatility

Review Mini Excavator Tweed Heads

Even the Smallest Machine Require Extra Safety

Always wear appropriate protective gear including closed toe work boots. If you are working on angles and aren’t sure of the machine capabilities, please ask your friendly Diggermate staff member to help you with it. Our operators are on call and ready to lend a hand anytime.

During pick up/delivery, we provide instructions to the clients and in just 5 minutes, you could get the machine working and start your projects in no time.

If you’re interested to dry hire a micro excavator for landscaping, retaining walls, digging for pool, and more, book online now.

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