Wade’s Diggermate Testimonial

Mini Excavator Hire

Wade’s Diggermate Testimonial

No Excavato Hire Experience? No Worries. You still can own a Diggermate Location

Wade's Diggermate Testimonial

So I want you to share me the story of how you found Diggermate.

I was living in Africa and I was in the hire business over there, hiring out equipment, all sorts of equipment. And it was time for me to come back to Australia and I decided I wanted to stay in the same business and hire out, basically, the one that hires out mini excavators. I started to get online and search for prices of machines and all that sort of stuff and licenses etc and then I came across Diggermate. I saw that it was a pretty new franchise and they had franchises   available. I got in touch with Mick and here I am.

Can you tell us about your initial concerns with Diggermate and what led you to choose to go to Diggermate then?

Initial concerns with Diggermate itself? The more I looked at Diggermate, I don’t think I really had many concerns, more like questions were answered. My concerns would you know, coming back to Australia, not really knowing how things work back here. How was I gonna advertise? How was I gonna get my licensing? All the sort of thing. Basically, Diggermate had it all in one package. To me, it was a no-brainer. It was sort of like, “I can buy machines, go out on my own, scratch around the ground trying to get the business or get in with Diggermate. Basically from Day 1, it was all there.”

What specific benefits have you received from Diggermate?

Advertising. Specifically, advertising. Mick has really understood Google and the power of the web and all those sorts of things that I would never have been able to accomplish myself. The amount of calls I get, you know from people searching and clicking on Google and finding Diggermate in that way. Advertising is probably the best support. 

Who would you recommend Diggermate to and why? 

As in personally? I would recommend Diggermate to anyone that’s looking to get into the business themselves. You can start Diggermate with reasonably minimum capital. It’s an easy business to get involved to. It doesn’t drag, it doesn’t take 15 hours a day like some of my other businesses have. You can put that much into it and achieve more but I would say anyone who’s looking to make an extra income or a full-time income, you should look at Diggermate. 

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