onsite training

The Onsite Training will happen on 11-12 Sept 2023.


Are you a Diggermate franchisee?

You’re invited!

What is it about?

Catch all the excitement at the Diggermate Onsite Training 2023, an exclusive 2-day certification course where Diggermate franchisees from all over Australia gather to gain more knowledge and skills needed to get licences for their excavators, skid steer, front-end loaders, and roller operators. The training is also the perfect opportunity for long-time franchisees to brush up on their skills and master their craft through this refresher course. And not to mention, it’s also an opportunity to catch up and have a good time!

Who should attend?

This event is open to all Diggermate franchise owners and special guests invited by the Diggermate franchise group.

Where is the venue?

This year, the Diggermate Onsite Training will be held on  Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

When is it happening and how much are the tickets?

11-12 September 2023. Tickets are priced at $250 for one ticket and $600 for 3 tickets.

Dinner with Mick and Dalai for ALL Diggermate franchisees

All Diggermate franchisees are welcome to have dinner with Mick and Dalai on Monday, 11th September 6pm at the Surf Air Beach Hotel. You are invited to have dinner with us, ticket or no ticket!

See you there, mate!

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