About Us


In 2015, Diggermate started its humble beginnings from founder Mick Watkin’s front yard at Gold Coast, Australia.

Initially, it was meant to be a side hustle to generate extra income for his young family, but Mick quickly realized that by using his marketing and system building skills (along with a “no worries mate” attitude), he could grow the business into several locations and expand his fleet of machines.

A chance conversation with his good friend (and first franchisee!) turned Diggermate from a side hustle into a national franchise network in just over 5 years.

diggermate founder infront of diggermate machines
diggermate machines excavating


Diggermate provides dry and wet hire of tight access earthmoving equipment at competitive rates. Hires are on a daylight rate and not a 24-hour rate, which results in more hires per week. Diggermate customers can use the machines with ease and don’t require a ticket or experience. To help first-time DIY-ers, we provide an extensive online video tutorial library that’s easily accessible from your phone.

Booking is made easy via an online booking system. Customers can book and see the offerings of each franchise location either via phone or computer. Through Diggermate, you have access to excavators, bobcats, mini loaders, tipper trucks, and all attachments needed to support these machines.


Diggermate’s franchisees hire out tight access earthmoving equipment. The franchisor aids in this by working closely with each franchisee, ensuring they are equipped with a self-support structure that allows them to be successful across all aspects of the business. This includes a core focus on marketing, profit, and customer brand experience.

These core pillars ensure that Diggermate is delivering outstanding customer satisfaction to every customer.

Learn more about starting your own business here: diggermatefranchise.com/franchise

diggermate team and franchisees