Tricks Revealed: Climbing a Slope with a Mini Excavator

diggermate tips to ensure the boom is in front of you

Tricks Revealed: Climbing a Slope with a Mini Excavator


Mini Excavator on a Slope

Operating a mini excavator on a slope is a bit tricky. You may have a steep gradient to work on or need to climb up onto a mound to remove or move bulk materials. You have two options to safely and efficiently climb up a gradient with a mini excavator:

  1. You can either track straight up with your tracks and your boom in front of you or
  2. You can use the bucket and the power of the boom to help pull you up.
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Preparing to Climb

To start with, you will need to ensure you have somewhere to land when you get up to your destination. This may involve preparing the area.

Preparing to climb a slope with a mini excavator

Once you are ready, ensure your boom is in front of you. This will keep the traction on the front of the tracks. It also keep the excavator well balanced thus, eliminating the chance of the machine rolling backwards. Keep the throttle high allowing the excavator to have maximum power.


Operating a Mini Excavator on a Slope

If you need the help of the boom, reach the bucket out as far as you can and then grab the soil as deep as possible. You can now use the boom to pull the machine forward while tracking forward at the same time.

Some operators like to use a foot on the track levers so they can keep their hands on the joysticks.

If it is a steep slope, repeat this process with your bucket a few times to keep climbing.

Diggermate Mini Excavator on a Slope

Once you are at the top of the slope, lower your dozer blade for extra stability before you continue to operate the excavator.

And that’s how you climb a mound on a mini excavator!

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Additional Tips

  1. It’s important to keep the boom in front of you all the time and climb straight towards the boom. If you move the boom to the side or behind you there is a big chance that the excavator may roll over.
  2. If the excavator rolls over, turn it off immediately and do not try to start it. Call your local Digger-Mate and we’ll help you fix the issue. There is a chance that you could cause severe engine damage if you try to start the machine after it has been on its side.
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