Kubota Micro Excavator

The 1T Micro Excavator comes with 2 buckets and a ripper.

The micro excavator is the smallest excavator in the fleet. It comes in at only 780mm wide; with the roll bar down, it can fit through a regular doorway. Although it’s small, its digging power is phenomenal, making it the ultimate tight access weapon. If you have a very tiny space or a small job and you want to be delicate on the ground, this is the machine for you.

This machine comes with an aluminium trailer with brakes, and weighs 1.9T. You will need to check your vehicle rating to ensure your towing capacity exceeds the towing capacity of 2t with brakes. A brake control inside your vehicle is not required. The trailer comes with a 7 pin flat plug.

Min width: 780mm
Min Height: 1.3m
Max Digging Depth: 1.7m
Comes with: 300mm & 450mm digging bucket, 800mm mud bucket, and ripper