diggermate mini excavator

The 2.5t Mini Excavator comes with 3 buckets and a ripper.

For slightly bigger domestic jobs, the 2.5t mini excavator will get your job done much quicker. Its biggest bucket size is 1.4m wide, which will improve your efficiency in cleaning up the job site. The additional power of the 2.5t machine will also make shorter work of your major bucket jobs. The width of the machine is 1.49 wide, and has static tracks which do not expand or retract like the smaller machines. No ticket is required for this machine and we welcome first time users to hire from us.

The machine comes on an aluminium trailer with brakes and weighs 3.4t. You will need to check your vehicle rating to ensure your towing capacity exceeds the towing capacity of 3.4t with electric brakes. A brake control inside your vehicle is required to tow this machine; if you do not have this, we can deliver it to you by simply adding delivery to your booking and entering in your address. The trailer comes with a 7 pin flat plug.

Model: Kubota U25-3
Width: 1.49m
Height: 2.4m
Comes with: 300mm & 450mm digging bucket, 1200mm mud bucket and ripper