Diggermate Skip Bin Hire Services

Skip Bin Services by Diggermate

At Diggermate, we’re more than just mini excavators. We now proudly offer a comprehensive range of skip bin hire services to help you manage waste for your projects, large and small. Whether you’re tackling a home cleanout, landscaping job, or a small commercial project, we’ve got the right skip bin for you.


Trailer Skip Bin

Skip Bin Services by Diggermate

Our trailer skip bins are perfect for household cleanouts or small commercial projects. Their main advantage? You can park them anywhere and move them around as needed. Plus, no council approval is required if you want to park them on the street, unlike some other skip bins.

Mini Skip

skip bin

Ideal for backyard projects or small commercial jobs, our mini skips are compact yet hold a surprising amount of waste. They’re designed to be convenient and efficient, fitting in most driveways and tight spaces.

Commercial Skip Bin

skip bin

Need something bigger? Our commercial skip bins are designed for larger jobs, including construction and demolition waste. These bins offer a robust solution for commercial operators needing a reliable waste management solution.


Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting

The best part about Diggermate skip bins? You don’t have to worry about emptying them. Simply fill up the bin, and we’ll handle the rest. Our specially designed bins mean we can easily remove the waste for you, a lot cheaper than you paying for tip fees. It’s all part of our ‘no worries mate’ attitude towards providing exceptional customer service.


Book Your Skip Bin Today!

Booking your Diggermate skip bin is as easy as 1-2-3. Just visit our online booking system, choose the skip bin that suits your needs, and arrange for pick-up or drop-off at your convenience.